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Sagar Arora

I'm an Information Technology undergrad at GGSIPU.
Previously, I worked at Coding Blocks as a Teaching Assistant, and, currently, I'm working as a freelance web-developer along with college.
Occasionally, I teach at SIGs conducted by IEEE-BPIT.


Programming Languages: C++, C, Java(beginner)

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Python

Web Technologies: p5.js, React.js, nodejs, Git, Github, CSS, HTML

Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Windows


Lately, I've been enjoying contributing to Open Source projects.

Back in the day, I was involved in speed-cubing, competitive programming, basketball and street play.

Also, I like to read, and try my hands over guitar in leisure.

I have been practising photo editing and
creative coding using JavaScript(p5.js)
for quite sometime now. Below are some of the
pictures that I clicked/edited or creative coding
art that has been created using p5.js.
Also, I'm a snapseed fanboy.

Computer Programming art(click on the images to see full animation)

some image some image some image some image some image

Snapseed art.

some image some image some image some image